Thursday, August 21, 2008

Medicine, A Decision and Thoughts

So, with just a little over a week left on the prednisone, the heartburn has set in to stay for the duration. Fourth day now. And it's bad. Can't lie down. Can't sit up. Maybe if I stand on my head, that'll work. Hmmm, maybe not, because then gravity would help the acid go into my esophagus. For now, I'm taking Zantac 150mg twice a day. Did my doc tell me to? No. But I need some relief and I know he'll tell me it's not the medicine. I am also looking into herbal pain relievers. Have found a few that are supposed to be as effective as prescriptions. They are white willow bark, boswellia and passionflower. Still reading up on them before I go to the store to get some. Oh, and the sleeping pills are losing effectiveness as well. Only 4 hours last night. Gonna be real interesting the next week.

My decision? I'm going to reopen my shop. Very soon. I've been posting in the forum for a few months now. I'm jealous that others are being able to share their art. I'm tired of being pushed down. I'm ready to burst and I have no where to release that. Even if I don't sell anything, I'll be happy that I'm at least sharing. I know what the economy is like right now. But, I also know that the holidays are soon arriving and if I don't get in now, I'll be in trouble. So, keep an eye out for me....

Thoughts? This one, I had some help from my mom on. She and I had a very lengthy phone call yesterday. See, I'm going through what she went through almost 20 years ago. I think I've come to a major decision about my life, and I needed to talk to someone. Someone who would know. Mom knows (don't Moms know everything?).

I told her that I've realized that I don't think Hubby will ever come and emotionally support me the way I need him to. I need someone who will encourage me, challenge me, go to the theatre with me (without complaining), listen to the symphony, not look at me with three heads when I want to purchase "The Chronicles of Narnia" (yes, this happened the other day). In other words, have more interests like mine. I have realized that a lot of the hobbies I have are because of Hubby. I like them because I want him to like me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy what we do together, but I want so much more.

I deserve more. I'm sexy, smart, creative, funny, interesting. Don't I deserve someone also sexy, smart, creative, funny, interesting? Don't get me wrong, Hubby is all those things, but not in the way that I need. I want someone who understands my need to go to McDonald's this week and purchase Kids' Meals (uh, Star Wars toys anyone?). I need someone who understands that I need a creative outlet. Hubby will never understand that. I love Hubby desperately, but neither of us deserve this.

I'm scared of what's next. I haven't made a permanent decision yet (although, I'm well on my way). Mom suggested I make an appointment with our therapist for just me. I think that's a great idea. Funny thing is, I'm OK with what's going through my head. I feel a peace washing over me that I haven't had in years. Maybe this is my time now. Maybe I can finally do things my way. On my own (well, me and my babies anyway).

And you know what? I'm OK with this.


  1. I think this is a very good thing for you. I look forward to your shop and to watching you 'bloom' in creativity since I never got to see your shop the first time.

    And Star Wars toys are 'teh awesome!'

  2. i completely understand the kids meal toys. im at burger king every day when the new spongebob ones come out.

  3. Me too! And I get the strange looks then too!

  4. even if you didn't rock like mad -- which, you totally do -- you definitely deserve to be happy..

    and I'm honored to be part of the crowd cheering you on <3

  5. That's a really tough decision to make but I'm glad that you're confident enough in yourself to know what's right for you and do what's right for you. Congrats on re-opening your shop!

  6. I can't wait to see what you post in your shop! You're thinking clearly and that's good even if what you're thinking seems odd. Go get some Star Wars toys! (I have two now, lol)

  7. Prednisone is a bitch. I hated being on it.

    Heartburn ... OMG ... the pain is awful. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. Are you allowed to take just OTC chewable antacids? Those actually work very well for me.

    And you're damn right in that you're sexy, smart, and everything else you mentioned that describes yourself. You do deserve to be appreciated. I'm glad that you can see all that about yourself, because it's true. I hope that whatever happens, you will be happy.

    I can't wait for you to open your shop back up! I loved your old one - your sewing skills and creations were amazing! Please do it! I only wish I could look half as fabulous as you in a halter :) You have a body to DIE for, lady. You MUST continue to model your own clothes!