Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What Sucks About the Internet

You can't get your point across correctly. Ever. All there are are words. There's never emotions. And people don't look at the emoticons you post.

Some try to post something tongue in cheek. Another reads what was posted, takes it the wrong way and goes on the defense. The original poster then needs to go back, explain themselves and apologize for offending the person that didn't understand what was written.

Sometimes, I feel as though a disclosure should be typed before any joking goes on: "Please be advised, what I'm about to type is meant as a joke and nothing more. Please don't read into it and please do not be offended by it. Thanks."

Sometimes, I try to be really light in my wording. Just so people can get that I'm only playing. I know the emotion I'm feeling while I'm typing. It's just really difficult to get that emotion across with just words. So, I try to add a smiley face. But that doesn't always work.

Maybe what needs to happen is this: people need to relax. What I type may not be your opinion or how you feel. Why does one feel the need to attack another for lack of agreeing with them?


  1. Yeah they are just opinions, why people get offended, who really cares. jk

  2. Aaaw how nice of you to care, or do you-this post seems sincere...are you joking-well if you are joking then...meh screw 'em! ;) <-look, i'm winking and there's nothing in my eye!

  3. I totally understand what you mean (at least, I think I do ;) )