Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hubby just text me to tell me he's thinking of me.

Funny, I'm thinking of him too. Only I don't think we're thinking the same things...

He was supposed to take the garbage out today. He told me he would. Guess what? He didn't. It was up to me, yet again, to take the garbage out to the curb.

This is no easy task. Our driveway is 2/10 of a mile long. I have to load the trash in the back of my Explorer and then back down the driveway, unload and then drive back up.

I just don't understand why he can't do this either the night before or in the 15 minutes he had leftover this morning after getting ready for work.

I guess the thing that burns my ass is that he said he'd do it. And he didn't.

Not much longer......


  1. I can't help but I am not the only one that has to get on hubby for the trash.

    Sorry you had to take the trash out....

  2. not to make light of it but since my hubby is in an urn I 'spose I can't blame him for not doing it! On the upside though, at least I know I have to do it rather than keep my fingers crossed that someone else will follow through. What is it with men? my daughter's live-in and her just split because of many things including him being incapable of doing even the smallest thing around the house, like put the trash out when he said he would.

  3. gee, i never have a problem getting the trash to the curb every wednesday.