Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holding On

So much has happened in the months since I last posted...I talked things over with the man I thought was wrong for me. But, he has shown me that love can have several levels. Understanding is key. Support is essential. And he has shown me understanding and support. He loves me for me. He considers my children like his own. I miss him when we're not together. I look forward to snuggling up in his arms at night.

But while I have a shining light in the darkness, there are shadows lurking. The ex is making things very difficult to keep going. I'm doing the best I can to fulfill my obligations, but no one is hiring at a rate falsely stated in the divorce papers. He never includes me in any decision regarding our children. It feels as though I'm just going in circles. I feel like he's still punishing me for wronging him in our marriage and using our kids as leverage in getting his revenge.

I can't help that I can't get a job making what the court expects me to. My current job is "under no obligation" to hire me full time because of my availability. Which is funny that it's ok for some people to nit be full-flex but full time. And nowhere in the Standard Operating Procedures does it say an employee has to be available on weekends. I'm trying as hard as I can.

And the harder I try, the more I fail.

Thanks to my wonderful immune system, I catch everything that comes around. I'm out sick often. No employer wants that. I'm skating on thin ice because of my disease and absences. One more write up and I'm fired.

I can't win.

My fiancée is working two jobs to pay our bills. Bills I'm not able to help with because the state takes most of my pay for support that was based upon false information. I can't even afford my health insurance. And if I drop it, they consider my meager pay too much to qualify for any help. My paycheck doesn't even cover my gas back and forth to work for two weeks.

I keep trying to hold on for my kids. For my family, but it's so hard...