Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So, I'm Still Alive...

Hubby left for work at 6:48 this morning. I hope he takes it easy and doesn't push himself too much. He has a tendency to do that, and he can't do that in this case. If he hurts his back again, I'm sure that he'll be out for much longer than a few days. His doctor yesterday didn't want him going back to work today, but the doc could tell that he wouldn't be changing his mind. So, stubborn man that he is, my hubby went to work. Gotta love him, though.

Got through yesterday well enough. My appointment was at 11:30, but they didn't take me until almost 12:30. When I got there, in addition to my hospital bracelet, they put a yellow bracelet on. I asked the kid that put it on what it was for and he said he didn't know. It wasn't until after I got changed and the intake nurse started my paperwork that I found out that I got the yellow band because I had tested positive for MRSA.

MRSA? What the hell?

I have never had a staff infection. I don't have any lesions that aren't healing. I was in the hospital for a weekend in December of 2006. I also had a blood transfusion at the time. Could I have contracted it from the hospital?

What I don't understand is this: why didn't the hospital contact me after I tested positive? Wouldn't you think that with such a nasty, contagious disease, they'd think I'd want to know?

I have had no symptoms. I have had no problems. I'm a bit pissed that no one told me, though. Guess they care more about getting their bills paid rather than telling people that they're ill. Well, they're in for a rude awakening. Possibly a contact from an attorney on my part. For possibly putting my family and friends in danger. Not to mention the worry I'm feeling right now. And pissed.

So, anyway.

The endoscope was pretty uneventful. I finally got in the procedure room with my doc. He gave me Demerol and some massive Valium. Within about 5 minutes, I was off in la-la land. It was great. Afterward, they gave me pictures of my insides. How beautiful. And gave this post-op diagnosis:
  • Mild esophagitis seen, reflux-induced
  • Mild non-erosive gastritis found in the prepyloric region. Biopsy taken.
  • Normal duodenum.

So, now, I have to wait 5 days before calling to get the results of the biopsy. Whoopee. Five days of worry until then. I do have to call the office before then for more medication and to talk to them about some complications that I won't get in to as they're a bit gross (poop talk).

But, here's a glass to being home! And being back!


  1. Yay, it's good to have you back my lovely :)

  2. Wow you've been going through a lot. Wishing you the best.