Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I think my husband is obsessed. With me and the kids. All he wants to do is be with us. 24/7/365. It's kinda scary.

He wants to quit his job. And work from home just to be with us.

I mean, it's sweet, I guess, but, umm...yikes!


  1. if my husband wanted to quit his job to spend time with us, I would probably die of shock. It's hard enough to pry him off his Xbox 360, let alone spend 24/7 with us! (although if he did, I would probably get sick of him in a few hours...)

  2. I think its sweet, hey you could have some guy that didn't want to spend time w/ you. - Now that would suck!

    Time is too short, enjoy it!

  3. It's more scary than sweet, to me. Something's definitely wrong with that picture. It's not right or good or natural for anyone to want to be with their mate all the time.

    Is he super-controlling, like not wanting you out of his sight? That's a big neon warning sign of potential domestic violence.

    Is he really insecure, and can't function on his own in the world? Does he have mental health issues?

    Yikes is right. Your response of it being scary is accurate. Be careful. Try to get him to keep his job. Hold onto the vision of you each being separate individual adults in the world.

  4. I agree with Betsy that it isn't in the least sweet, especially with what you've written about him resenting your computer time etc. Not to mention, he's already shown an angry streak when he slammed your laptop and broke the screen - a huge red flag.

    Not to mention practical matters. I don't know enough about your situation, but if he gives up his job does that impact health insurance etc? That's a huge consideration.

    I think you already know it, but there's so much wrong with this.