Tuesday, August 5, 2008

MRSA Update

OK...heard back from the hospital. Good news! Well, as good as can be with this.

I am not a risk. I just carry the bug on me.

That sounds gross. But, it is kinda gross.

I guess, at some point in my life, I came across the MRSA bug. Instead of infecting me with the nasty staph infection, it decided to lay dormant. So, even though I've tested positive for having it, I am at no risk to me, my family or my friends. I actually don't even have to worry about it unless I happen to cut myself, it gets infected and doesn't start to heal within a couple of days.

Basically, what happened in November was this: I was admitted for a same-day procedure (my Remicade infusion). Since they did the test that day, they didn't have the results and when the results came in the hospital sent them to my admitting doctor's office. It was his office that failed to contact me regarding the results. So, now, I've got to call them and find out why they said they didn't know anything about it yesterday.

What a fucking mess.

Well, what's important are these things: I'm just a carrier. I'm not at risk to anyone - especially my kids. Just have to be careful with any and all cuts from now on.

Guess I'll stop shaving my legs, pits and........

Um, yeah, right, like that would happen!

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  1. As odd as it is, I'm glad you are just a carrier and are not infected. Still, to have anything to do with it at all bites. I'm going to be curious to see what your doctor's office says.