Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Job Hunting

Here I sit, updating my resume, searching for a job. What fun. I'm bored out of my frelling skull.

I have my resume typed up. I had to redo it because my other one from five years ago has disappeared. It must've gotten up and ran away, knowing that I'd need it once again someday. How rude of it to be that inconsiderate! The nerve!

I called someone regarding an Office Manager position. I need to email this lame resume to him this afternoon. It would be working for a truck parts and repair company. Guess it doesn't hurt to apply. They'll probably laugh in my face when I tell them how much I need to start in order to survive.

I'm also applying for jobs on and Manpower (temp agency). Once I get a couple of opinions on my resume, I'll upload to those sights and really start looking in earnest. I hate this.

I have found a nice apartment/town home about 20 minutes from the house. A three bedroom with some items included. There's three levels, including an unfinished basement! Maybe what I can do is either put a partition in the largest bedroom for the kids or put a craft/play room in the basement. I haven't called on it yet, as I would need to come up with two months security for it. Since I don't have that, nor employment to fund it, I'm not worrying a whole lot about that right now.

I'm trying to keep my chin up. It isn't always easy, but I'm doing OK. Staying busy. I've been slowly listing the halters that didn't sell at the show over the weekend. I need to remember to grab my pattern for hoodies from the house to start making things for the colder months. I also need to purchase material for the kids' Halloween costumes. Which, I will be going trick or treating with them. Mr. X and I will just have to get along for a night.

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