Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stoooooopid Medicine

I fully blame my medicine for that last post.

Well, not completely.

I am having an issue day. Issues with everything. The medicine only compounded that.

Right now, I'm up. I had to take two more pills. The house started to spin on its axis again. I fought with the decision for a good hour, knowing that in just a few short hours of taking the pills, I would be crashing. I decided that I needed to be steady. I don't like falling over. Plus, I'm so close to finishing Princess' costume. All I have to do is put the zipper in and sew a hook-and-eye at the neck. Then it'll just need a washing.

Now. My head is in the clouds. I don't know that I can concentrate on the zipper. Its an invisible sipper and that takes some form of brain power. I don't put those in all that often, so each one is a little challenge unmedicated. Imagine medicated.

So, I should probably finish it before the pills completely blow my brain.

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