Monday, October 6, 2008

October Baseball

This year, October means baseball to me. Cool nights and the playoffs. Cooler nights and the World Series.

I sit here ~ blogging, posting ~ watching my Boston Red Sox in extra innings of the Division playoffs. It's game 3. If they win tonight, they sweep the Angels and the Division playoffs are over and they move on to the Championship playoffs. If they lose, game 4 will be tomorrow.

I have been lucky this year to be able to watch all three games so far. Prior seasons, I wasn't able to because my husband never really enjoyed baseball. So, I am taking advantage of this first season alone by watching all the baseball I can. I even bought a six-pack of beer special for the playoffs this weekend!

I was so desperate to watch baseball, that I watched the National League play too! I couldn't believe it! I have always watched American League! What the heck is up with me watching NL? I must be baseball deprived!

But now I will go back to keeping my eyes open for this game. Looks as though we're going to the 12th inning...

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