Saturday, October 4, 2008


I was a guest writer on someone else's blog! I was telling a friend about a beer that I had gotten from a local brewery and he asked if I wanted to review it for his blog.

I said sure! But, I had no idea what to write. I don't really drink beer. I know how beer is made. I know how beer tastes, but to review it?

He told me to write about what I thought about it. Color, aroma, taste, etc. OK. Color? Brown. Aroma? Sweet, not beer-like. Taste? Sweet, not beer-like.

Well, I typed up my review and sent it to him. He said it was a great review, that he'd like to try the beer. I couldn't believe it! I just wrote a little diddy about beer. Granted, it is good beer, but still.

I don't for yourself here:

Oh, and he reviews all sorts of beer. Read through and find a new favorite!

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