Sunday, October 19, 2008

Uh oh....

I think another flare is beginning to rear its ugly head. And I'm none-too-happy about it.

For a few days now, my belly has been feeling swollen and yukky. Can't imagine why. I don't have any stress in my life. Everything is perfect.

Then, why do I have this pain?

I'm going to try the "If-you-ignore-it-it-will-go-away" approach. I really don't have the money or time for this right now. I know, not the best approach. But, they can't do anything right now for it. It's still early in the flare. What will they do? Throw pills at me and hope that does the trick? I'm not in the mood to have to down a hundred pills.

Right now, I'm just taking some Zantac for the heartburn (that's really bad this time). One pill is cool and that's not even everyday. I'm still drinking coffee. But, the food intake is slowly decreasing. I find that on the days I run (running through the pain...probably not the best), I'm hungry and will eat. But, on the days that I don't, I won't eat.

Don't pity me. Don't feel bad. This is the nature of the beast. I knew that this was going to happen. Its about time for my treatment (have to call the nurse tomorrow). My life is upside down right now. But, also, the medicine doesn't work forever. Its a temporary fix. Of course, if the Remicade isn't working as well anymore, I have no idea what's next. There's not a whole lot of medication as strong as Remicade out there...


  1. coffee is so bad...i wont drink it anymore.

  2. I hope you'll get better soon! Cheer up.. I so can understand the "ignore that it will go away thought" Have some rest & take care!

  3. Take care of yourself.i have a neighbor with the same disease but seems like yours is worse.

  4. aw, babeh!
    hope it gets better soon.

  5. Lovely blog.