Friday, October 17, 2008


I just remembered! I got a present in the mail!

Back when I first announced that I would be quitting smoking, a few friends made pledges that at certain milestones, they would send a gift. A token to say, "We're proud of you!"

Well, I received my first token the other day for staying quit for 90 days.

And I love it!

Mr. AllegroArts sent me a beautiful, sterling silver, origami kitty. It's so neat and different and beautiful. It combines two of my favorite things, sterling silver and kitties.

Thanky thanky thanky thanky!!!!! I can't wait to attach him to a chain and show him off!

(Oh, and to see more of Mr. Allegro's creations, see him at So many more sterling silver origami and gorgeous jewelry. Check him out!)

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