Saturday, November 29, 2008


I've got my babies this weekend. They're finally feeling better. I'm still fighting, but it's pretty much my voice that I've been fighting with.

We're going grocery shopping today. Woo hoo. Just what I want to do...spend time at the store when I don't have to work. Then I think I'll take them over to Goodwill. The Princess has been weaning off her blankie and I want to get her a little something for doing so well.

Tomorrow, while it's snowing and raining, we will make turkey soup. With veggies and barley and rice. And there will be more than enough to share with the people I care about. Everyone could use some homemade turkey soup this time of year!

Right now, Little Man and I are enjoying a bowl of Raisin Bran and watching Spongebob. The Princess is still sleeping, but I'll be getting her up soon enough. I like to enjoy this time with my Little Man. He and I don't get time with each other much at all. So, Spongebob and cereal mornings are perfect!

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