Saturday, November 15, 2008

Week Ending 11.15.08


So busy this week! Between working and hanging with new friends, I've barely had time to keep up with the old! Telephone seems to be the new favored mode of communication rather than convos or the thread. I don't mind. It is nice to put voices to the people after all this time.

I'm feeling better as far as the vertigo goes. I have gone through my prescription meds and am now just purchasing Dramamine over the counter. Of course, I have to take a higher dose because it's not prescription, but it does work. Makes me very sleepy, though. But, at least I'm not falling over! :)

I did add two new listings to the shop this week:
One of the pictures for the hoodie is for a special treasury. VickiDianeDesigns creates treasuries that show the person behind the art. And then, the picture, of course. I'm slowly adding pictures to my shop. I have so many, that it seems as though I have an endless supply of inventory!

Things are busy right now. I finished one custom order and have three more to do. Today, I'll be taking the kids shopping for fabric (of course, I promised the Princess she could pick out fabric for her holiday dress). I have to make a hoodie, a tank top and a cape. The tank top needs to be completed first and then the other two. And I still have to create things for Christmas for my own gifts! I have ideas for some people (and Mom's present is in creation, but I'm not making that), but I have no idea what to get for others. I hate this time of year.

Work is going well. I'm fitting right in with my department. The work isn't so bad and the people are great that I work with. Well, most anyway, but that's normal. We laugh a lot, which is good. It makes the day go faster. I'm still looking for more stable full-time work, but in the meantime, this isn't bad. I'll probably even stay on after I find a full-time job.

That's about it. My life is busy, but I don't have a whole lot of happenings. Is that sad or what?

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