Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good Day

Today, I feel peaceful. It's a gorgeous, sunny day. The birds are chirping. I'm surrounded by good friends. Kids are behaving (well, so far). We all went to Friendly's last night for ice cream and I got to have a vanilla Coke (Coke with a squirt of vanilla syrup in it). Soooooo yummy!

I am working on the 51st day of not smoking.
I can't believe that I don't even think about it much anymore. Really, the only thing I think about is the fact that I haven't cheated once. Not once! And for that, I am proud.

Hubby is coming home early today so we can go together to the Princess' walk through at school. And tomorrow morning, he's going in late to see her off to school. Before I left for the weekend, he wasn't going to take the time for this. I go away and suddenly, it's a priority that he's there. I'm glad that he finally decided to go, but I'm upset that it took my going away to make him decide.

He also got me flowers. A token to say that he's happy I'm home. He has bought me flowers exactly four times now. For my 18th birthday, our 5th wedding anniversary (this year), Mother's Day (this year) and now these. In over 15 years, that's it. I know, it's just flowers, but my father-in-law has bought me more flowers than my husband has. It's just the symbolism of them. And it makes me sad of this fact. He knows how much I love fresh flowers and, yet, I don't receive them. I know...whine, whine, whine...want some cheese with that?

It's coming up on 11:30 here. I have done my nails and gotten the kids dressed. Hubby will be home at 2. I need to shower and brush every one's hair before he gets here. I also have to see what's on the menu for tonight and pull what I need out of the freezer. Plus, I promised a short story to someone that I'm working on. Blogging. Drying tears. Posting on forums. Watching NickToons (Spongebob should be on soon). And now, I just realized that I have a meeting for the MOMs club tomorrow morning. And, I'd like to work on some inventory for the shop.

Excuse me while I run around, pulling my hair out and screaming.


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  1. Just a wee bit of stuff to handle! But you're more than capable of it. :)