Friday, September 26, 2008

Meeting New People

I got to meet two fellow Etsians today!!!!!!

First, I got to meet SeeBooKnit ( I drove to her B&M shop. Got to see her awesome store!!!!! Got to meet her!!!!!! She is soooooo cool! Very sweet! I can't wait to go back to her store. She has it filled with such pretties from other Etsians. She is super duper sweet and so easy to talk to! I could easily hang with her!

How awesome is that?

The other person I got to meet, am staying with for the weekend and doing a show with on Saturday is SueStitches ( Drove from PA to VA. Through traffic on I95. Down a little country two-lane highway. Over some huge bridges. Until I finally made it to Sue's. 

Sue is awesome. She made dinner (homemade spaghetti sauce)! She made us drinks. We called another Etsian. We played online. We talked. She is so utterly wonderful! What a great person! Tomorrow, we will sew to get ready for Saturday. But, tonight, we chill!  :)

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