Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I had a stalker once. Scared the shit out of me when I found out about it. I thought I was careful. But he got to me anyway. But he's in jail for a few more years...

Ow I think I have another. Confirmed by moi the other night.

It's my ex.

I was wondering why he was following me and not going home when I dropped off the kids. I pulled into the liquor store and he roared by.

So he tells me today that I need to be giving him money and not spending it at the liquor store. Funny. I got reimbursed for my ppurchase at the store. Gotta love assumptions and conclusions.

And there's been other tidbits that he or someone is watching me and Finn. He's been told when I spend the night in town. He found out when I got pulled over for having a light out.

And I know he cyber-stalks me. He will say things to me that I've only mentioned online. He'll tell me he heard it from a "friend". Funny, most everyone I talk to onlinr can't stand him, so its no one I know.

I don't appreciate being watched and having tabs kept on me. Restraining orders aren't all that difficult to obtain. Just sayin.


  1. Be careful and watch out for yourself.

  2. Cyn... get the restraining order. Being followed isnt cool... no matter who is doing the following!