Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mobile Posting

This is so messed up...I'm sitting at the bar, posting on my blog. Its open mic night, half-price everything (drinks, food). There's even raspberry lambic on tap!

I've almost finished my long island iced tea. I had an order of garlic cheese fries (yum!). And now I'm just hanging.

This is the place I usually hang with a bunch of people on Mondays for karaoke. There's a group of locals that all hang together. We have a lot of fun! My friend convinced me to come out tonight, luring me with the fact that he would treat me to a beer. It was either come out, or hang in the quietness of home. This is kind of nice.

I wish that there were a few other friends here, but that's next to impossible. The problem of having friends scattered all over the country.

But, I raise my glass to you all!

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