Friday, July 25, 2008

A Toast To Memories

These friends I spoke of before...

One of them brought up something that brought us together back in March. March! March 6th to be exact. All because there was too much TMI in the forums that day.

Who would've thought that today, exactly four months and 19 days, we'd still be talking. Some of us have even text each other and spoken on the phone! Others have met in real life!

There has been love and laughter. A lot of hugs and kisses.

Some of us have had to change our screen names (won't say why, not even in my diary). Some have opened new shops. Had big changes in their lives.

And yet, we all still come together. In one spot. To "talk" and laugh and be silly and even cry sometimes. Still, after all this time.

To this, I raise my margarita in one hand and my glass of box o' wine in the other.