Monday, July 28, 2008

15 Days

Yup! 15 days since I've had a cigarette!

I'm extremely proud of myself!

I was even around a smoker Friday night. A friend of ours stopped by and was hanging out. He lit up and then realized that neither Hubby nor I lit one. When he looked for an ash tray, he finally noticed that there wasn't one. He felt so bad. We didn't.

Want to know the amazing thing?

The stench from the cigarette made my stomach churn.

I think I'm gonna make it! :)


    it must be so hard to give up smoking, but thats a good sign if the smell made you ill!
    think of all the $ you can spend on Etsy now!
    mary jane

  2. YEA! I felt the exact same way when I smelled one for the first time after quitting. Good for you for sticking to it :)