Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Every Other Month

I don't usually like to discuss my womanly matters, but I feel the need to right now.

Every other month, I get really manic with my PMS symptoms. I mean, one minute, I'm crying and the next I'm hysterically laughing. Throw in there a bit psychotic and we're good to go!

I don't know where this stems from. I mean, it's not every month. It's every other. And it lasts for about 48 hours during the last seven days before things begin. Doesn't make any sense. During the months that this doesn't happen, I'm fine - you wouldn't even know that I was PMS-ing.

And tonight at work, we have the unsuspecting customer that has no idea the psycho he's about to encounter. The one who ordered three.slices.of.turkey. Yes, just three slices. And nothing else. I had the good sense not to laugh in the guy's face. Three slices...who does that?

And then I have Finn. Poor guy. He was with me last month during this time. It was a month that was normal. No symptoms. No psychosis. Heck, it was such a surprise for both of us! But, he took it in stride (comes from being raised by mom and having a sister), even went to my car and got my supplies that I keep there just in case. I was floored. And touched. And, well, you know...

But, tonight while at work, he heard and saw the full brunt of my Every Other Month. Granted, he was in the department next to mine, but he could see the muttering. He caught me off guard when I came back from using the bathroom (I actually went to cry for a minute). He saw my eyes and grew very concerned. So after that, he made it a point to make me laugh. When we were going to go punch out, he tickled me all the way down the aisle. Out the door, in fact. He got me laughing.

When we were outside saying good night, he kept asking me if I was going to be OK. Of course, this makes me tear up. I cannot say for certain why this happened (part of it is knowing that he's truly worried about me), but I wanted to cry. I couldn't believe it. I had to keep looking up at the sky to keep from crying! And here, I was worried about him because his sugar count was really low (he's diabetic). I am so not used to this!

So now I have a quiet night at home. A load of laundry is already in the dryer. I have made and eaten dinner. Having a slice of carrot cake now. Trying hard not to think about Finn because if I think of him, I start to miss him. I should just pack it in and go to bed...

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