Sunday, May 23, 2010

Missing You

I got to feel the arms of true love around me. I've missed that horribly.

Why am I doing this to myself? Once again in a relationship that isn't fulfilling. Especially when I've got true love at my fingertips...

I think of another at almost every point of my day. Dream of being in his arms. Feel his lips on mine. Hear his laughter and his whispers. Everything I am, he is. The connection is almost palpable. Others can see it. We can feel it. Even apart, we know what the other is thinking, feeling.

How many people can say they've truly found their soul mate? The person that breathes with you. The person whose heart beats in time with yours. The person who fills in where ou fail and rises you up to succeed? I have that just within my reach.

Why am I so afraid to grab it and live a life with him?

Am I already beaten down again to the point that I can't? Is my self-esteem so shattered in such a short time?

I want to run into his arms and never let go....

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